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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Out in the Field...

Sometimes people tell me that I am not only out in the field (not sur, I was brought up on the farm) but that I am often out in left field. Mainly, it is because I miss details. Doah called me detail-oblivious in his book. You have read some of those (unfortunately quite true) stories on Mahlou Musings: Stories from Doah's Book.

Recently, I came across an anecdote, not sure where but perhaps from Reader's Digest, that describes me to a T. (Think of me as the lieutenant -- which I really was, and thank God for sergeants and warrant officers who took care of me and trained me.) The anecdote goes like this:

A sergeant and a lieutenant are sleeping out in the field when the sergeant woke up. He nudged the lieutenant awake and asked, "Sir, look at all those stars in the sky. What does it tell you?"

The lieutenant cogitated a moment, then replied, "It tells me how small we really are, no matter what we think of ourselves, how infinitesimal we and all are affairs are in a grand, capacious universe.

"Well, sir," answered the sergeant. "It tells me that someone stole our tent!"

(I am very grateful that God protects lieutenants. I would never have made it this far without that kind of help!)

Wishing you a blessed weekend; it's a special one for sure!


  1. Elizabeth:
    This is cute. The lieutenant was a philosopher (an intellect). The sergeant was a realist. As I see it. We need both types in this world.

  2. JBR: Hugs to you, too!

    Val: Thanks!

    Quietspirit: I believe you are right, but I am afraid that I will never be the sergeant. Thank goodness, there are sergeants around to help us lieutenants!


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