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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Q & A

Jennifer Daiker at Unedited posted the following fun set of questions for writers. Since she did not provide a link but suggested that readers just go ahead and write up their own answers in their own way, I will suggest the same. Put your answers on your own blog and a URL in the comments here. That way people can go from here to your set of answers. Then go to Jennifer's site and follow the links back to Lynn at Place to Create to follow the thread.

1) What's your favorite genre to read? Why?
I love the classics, particularly French, Russian, and German classics, from the 18th to mid-20th century. Perhaps there is great satisfaction in being able to read them in the original and therefore enjoy the wording in them. Perhaps it is because so many different literary movements appeared in those years, and the importance of the word and the choice of words seems to have been considered more closely than in today's writings. Now, when it comes to movies, however, I am a die-hard sci-fi fan.

2) If you couldn't write in the genre you do, what genre would you write in?
I write in several genres, so this question is difficult for me. I am always ready to try a new genre, and in fact am working on a Christian novel (new genre for me) against a historical background (new genre for me) in the early days of Georgia (Gruziya of the former Soviet Union, not the USA state) (new setting for me). I will try to post some excerpts from it as I write along.

3) Pepsi or Coke?
Pepsi, hands down. But there are many drinks I like better than either.

4) How do you spend Sundays?
Being lazy. It's the only day I can truly slow down. Generally, I sleep in late, waking to find myself flanked by three cats and a husband. Generally, I spend some time in prayer, post an old post on Blest Atheist (but otherwise try to stay away from blogging -- but am not always successful in that, esp. if I have some post to finish on one of my other blogs that I fell asleep writing on Saturday), then go to the noon Mass, which is in Spanish, so I meet a different group of people than I would if I went to an earlier English Mass. Once a month, I have a meeting of the Franciscans. If not, I spend time catching up on chores at home, watching movies, talking to friends/family (sometimes, other times I really appreciate my introverted time even though I am not an introvert -- even extroverts get worn out with high-stress, highly visible jobs). Walking and other exercise is generally called for; I usually, but not always, succeed at including it. And then, whatever else happens to pop up. Most of all, though, I enjoy sitting by the window, listening to the all-day crowing of the roosters, and working on one of my books.

5) Penguin or Giraffe?
Penguin. Don't know why. Just have more empathy with me -- perhaps because I am short and grew up in snow country.

6) What type of vehicle do you drive?
Toyota Corolla, silver, with similar dents on the left and right sides of the bumper, where I backed into a fence (left) and into a tree (right). One day I will get them fixed.

7) Would you lick a battery if your life depended on it?
That seems to be a trick question. Die, or lick a battery and die? I don't see much difference.

8) When do you write -- morning, afternoon, evening?
I get more written from 4 a.m. - 8 a.m. than any other time. It has less to do with biorhythm than to no one being awake to interrupt me at that hour.

9) Which do you like more -- FaceBook or Twitter?
Facebook, but I don't use that much, either. Tried once to use Twitter; not my thing, clearly.

10) If you get hurt, (like a scraped knee or arm) do you ask for a band-aid?
No. First, there is not one available usually, anyway, and second, I usually don't notice that I have gotten hurt unless someone points it out to me.

Now, your turn...


  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog. How did you find me? :) I love that picture, too. It was the kids' first parade. My "brother" and "sister" (best friends practically) teach English in Russia and they are home for a year, so that was the first time the kids saw a "circus" as they called it! K squeeled and jumped up and down after this picture was taken yelling "The clown touched me!" :) Gosh I love those kids. I'm hoping to go back to Russia again to visit them in about 3 years. (I went in October.) Four years at a time is too long to be away from my "neice" and "nephews". :)

  2. I don't recall how I wandered onto your blog. I generally stumble into places haphazardly. Russia? That's my second home! What town?

  3. Good day! We have visited St Petersburg often. :) A beautiful setting, to be sure.
    We are more drawn to the countryside however and prefer our time in the dacha.
    It is nice to meet you.
    And I have enjoyed your little meme answers.

    Ликинг аккумулятора....

    That response was quite good!

  4. St. Pete is beautiful, in a European way. I am more at home in Moscow since that is where I finished my schooling - completed my PhD there (long story). I, too, prefer the countryside, and my heart is in Siberia, with the Siberians and with that countryside.

    Happy Fourth!

  5. Interesting answers.I am amazed at how do you manage so many blogs..truly admirable.

    Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog.Have a nice week.

  6. Hi Kavita, I am not so sure that I "manage" them well. I keep Blest Atheist current; the others get populated with the fallout from that one for the most part and on an irregular basis. Thanks for stopping by.

  7. I enjoyed reading your answers....


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